Integrate high-fidelity haptics into your game
with an intuitive editing tool and a high-performance middleware.

What is AMPTIX™?

AMPTIX™ is a haptics tool and middleware solution for game machines and VR/AR devices
that incorporate Miraisens proprietary 3DHaptics™ know-how.
It is possible to intuitively design rich and realistic haptics and easily integrate them
into the game content without complicated programming and editing.

Design rich and realistic haptics content with a two featured editing tool.

Force Centric Haptics
Waveform Design Feature

Create haptics effects of
machine guns shaking back
and forth in just a few steps
with a graphic GUI.

AI Based Tactile Feature

Applying AI Technology, it is possible
to create millions of realistic textures (Roughness, Ruggedness) with just
three parameters.

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