NEWS 2019.04.08

Unveiling a Haptics Spatial Entertainment Solutions “TeleS” Series at Content Tokyo 2019.

Miraisens is launching a Haptic Spatial Entertainment Solutions “TeleS” Series at the Content Tokyo 2019 event in Tokyo Big Sight between April 3rd and 5th.

“Touch and Feel! Haptics Spatial Entertainment Solutions”
TeleS Series creates a virtual space that you can experience, integrating 3DHaptics Technology that digitally expresses touch and response with spatial video. The real space suddenly changes to a virtual space such as the role-playing game world or tourist spots in the world, and by touching those space images, you can experience an unprecedented sense of immersion that you are actually visiting there.

Product Information:
TeleS Series contributes to increasing customer retention rate, improving customer satisfaction, and creating repeat customers. It can provide your customers a new mechanism to guide your campaign after enjoying the new experience content. Please feel free to contact us regarding the installation cost.

TeleS Series offers three scalable types of solution like an image below to fit your needs. We demonstrate TeleS Wall and TeleS Desk at Content Tokyo 2019.

We will provide and develop a variety of content modules that can be easily developed, and customers can choose content tailored to your campaigns. At Content Tokyo 2019, we will demonstrate a variety of interactive haptic content such as being induced to draw a hand according to the video image and feeling as if you are digging a wall.

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